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What Is DapsGH

DapsGH is a service delivery and pickup service provider that provides an affordable, fast and effective solution to securing reliable specialty services through its multi-purpose on-demand features such as the DapsGH-Moto (Okada service), DapsGH-Car (Taxi booking service), DapsGH-Food (Food purchasing service), DapsGH-Mart (Service purchase / shopping), DapsGH-Massage (Massage Services to your home), DapsGH-Box (courier (Cargo) Service), DapsGH-Send (Service Delivery of goods / documents with motor) and DapsGH-Service (Service such as Tutor, AC Servicing, Glam, Janitorial, Plumbing, Automotive, MC, Photography, Tour Guide, Cook/Chef, Private Driver, Dog Walking, Dog Grooming, Gymnastic Instructure, etc.) all on one platform with on-demand delivery service. All you need to do is choose your need and we will get it delivered. DapsGH is available for all Android and iOS device users.

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DapsGH - Cab

Transportation services by car to present comfort and style. Go to your destination safely and comfortably.

DapsGH - Okada

Motorized transport services to cope with congestion. Go to your destination quickly and safely.

DapsGH - Massage

24 hour call massage service, ready to be called home, office and wherever you are on the move.

DapsGH - Food

The world's largest food delivery service and working with over 100 world-class merchants.

DapsGH - Service

Gain access to affordable, fast and effective solution to securing reliable specialty services.

DapsGH - Mart

Order fresh produce and all your grocery essentials from any super market near you for delivery as quickly as possible.

DapsGH - Tutor

We connect learners with qualified, expert tutors by offering one-to-one learning solutions for all students.

DapsGH - Send

Efficient and quick errand services, leveraging on technology to bring you up to date feedback.



    Determine your pick-up and drop-off points. DapsGH will estimate the service rate for you.


    DapsGH will find drivers around you. you are free to choose the best driver according to you.


    Tell your loved ones that you are on your way safely.

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